لعبة طبخ اللحم المشوي على الفحم


Game شرح اللعبة:

لعبة شوى اللحم الحار
طبعا العاب الطبخ مش محتاجه شرح يلا اصدقائى نشتغل بجد فى مشروع شوى اللحم واللى يخلص اللعبة يبعت تعليق يقول فيه انه خلصها وطبعا الرأى الاول
Hot BBQ Party
Click on the food and then on the grill to start cooking. When you see a green arrow, click it to turn the food. When you see a red arrow, click the food to pick it up and click the customers to give them their order. When they pay, click the money. Buy upgrades between the levels to improve your grilling skills.

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